Newmanbrain 2024 Silver Winner Product Design Awards

Newmanbrain, winner of the international "NY Product Design Awards"
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The spin-off Newmanbrain of the UMH Science Park has recently been recognized at the international awardsNY Product Design Award“. Specifically, these awards have distinguished the packaging design of the innovative brain diagnostic system developed by this company, called THEIA™.

It is a portable, functional and aesthetic device that measures brain activity in a non-invasive way to detect cognitive disorders and provide more accurate diagnoses of brain and mental illnesses.

The company’s CEO, Pablo Belmonte, emphasizes that the packaging of the THEIA™ system is a reflection of its functionality and that its differential value in the healthcare industry is to improve the user experience through friendly aesthetics. Thus, despite the complex environments in which it is used, Newmanbrain has created a friendly experience, creating a relaxed environment for the doctor and patient during the test. In addition, it adds that the lock it features evokes the closure of medical cases and allows the target user to establish a lasting bond by recognizing its elements.

THEIA’s™ packaging is made of high-density foam and designed to protect and transport the product safely and compactly, as is the outer methacrylate box, which is also reusable. In this way, the PCUMH company has converted these protective elements, commonly considered waste, into a reusable product, adding value and functionality.

Regarding this award, Pablo Belmonte highlights the importance of the award, which is a recognition not only of the packaging design, but also of the work of the entire Newmanbrain team.

"Winning this award validates the immense effort we have put in to ensure that our product and our company set new standards in every aspect." He adds, "We believe that attractive design plays a crucial role in enhancing the user experience, especially in the field of medical technology, where users often navigate challenging environments."

Measuring brain activity in a noninvasive way

THEIA™ is an optimized neuroimaging system that uses functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) to make unbiased recordings of brain activity. The device, which has already been tested on more than 800 people, is intended to help healthcare professionals detect cognitive disorders, such as those associated with aging or ADHD in children.

In this way, the PCUMH spin-off seeks to respond to a problem faced by scientists studying brain functions: the lack of data underlying neural processes and tools that show the correlation between the activity of brain areas and the mental functions attributed to each area (cognitive processes, emotions, etc.). The premise is that finding this linkage will allow scientists to better understand human behavior and facilitate its objective evaluation.

Newmanbrain is a company focused on the development of software and hardware for biomedical applications in the fields of neuroscience and biomedicine. The firm has been chosen among the 100 leading start-ups in the health sector in the world for its brain diagnosis system with AI. The company is driven by the former director of the Institute of Neurosciences (IN), a joint center between the UMH and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), and professor emeritus of the UMH, Carlos Belmonte; by the director of the Department of Physiology of the UMH, Joaquín Ibáñez; and by Pablo Belmonte, CEO of the firm.