Alicante companies receive the keys to adapt to the high speed imposed by technology

Pablo Belmonte, Newmanbrain CEO, shares a discussion table in the edition of “SOFTING TIC&TALK” of ITI that is held in Alicante.

The speed at which technology is progressing is a challenge for the different actors in the value chain in all types of sectors, and particularly in Alicante’s industry. That is why, regardless of their activity, companies must adapt to this digitization. In this line, one of the main useful keys for this process is to give a relevant role in the business strategy to technology managers.

In this context, ITI, a technology center specialized in ICT, has held a new edition of SOFTING TIC&TALK in the Digital District of Alicante, a meeting that has had again a broad business support and the sponsorship of Acernet, AHORA, Arsys, Encamina, Panel y Punt Sistemes.

At the opening of the conference, the managing director of ITI, Laura Olcina, said that “at ITI our clear objective is the continuous improvement of companies, promoting a smarter and more sustainable society and, therefore, it is vital that the message about the relevance of ICT continues to permeate and that companies integrate it as a key element in their strategy”.

The ITI SOFTING TIC&TALK event held on June 29, 2023 in the Digital District of Alicante had the participation of the Newmanbrain CEO Pablo Belmonte.


SOFTING TIC&TALK is more than just an event, it’s a trip. But it is also a clear commitment by ITI to value the Valencian Community as a whole as a technological and innovation pole around ICT (Information and Comunication Technology).

The SOFTING TIC&TALK conferences will be organized with a global perspective, as it cannot be otherwise when we talk about technology, but focusing on the local and aimed at professionals and companies interested in sharing experiences, learning about success stories or discussing the latest news of ICT.

Digitization process of Alicante companies

During the event, it was analyzed how companies in the ICT sector, and especially those from Alicante, are incorporating digitization in their clients, as well as in their internal workflow.

Pablo Belmonte, Newmanbrain CEO, has highlighted:

“It is important not to lose focus, inform us and know what technology you want to implement to solve the problem you are going to treat.”

To the right, Newmanbrain CEO Pablo Belmonte, during the discussion table

This edition of SOFTING TIC&TALK has been possible thanks to the collaboration of AlicanTEC, CEEI Elche, CEEI Valencia, CENID, New Work, Parque Científico de la UMH, Cámara Valencia, Cámara Alicante, COIICV, ETSINF UPV, Distrito Digital Comunitat Valenciana, APD, Parque Científico Alicante, ImpulsAlicante, EGM Parc Tecnològic Paterna, Distrito Talento y REDIT.

Source:, AlicantePlaza