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Our help center page will inform you of everything you need to know about our product and subscriptions.

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Getting started

We are intensively working to get our CE mark that will allow us to be able to sell in the EU very soon (2024). As of now we are registering your interest and will keep in touch with the latest news.

The system includes a PC with THEIA™’s application already installed and ready to use, easy-peasy!

Although THEIA™ is an intuitive and easy-to-use platform, a little extra hand on how to get started is always welcome. The local software includes a thorough video tutorial explaining how to perform an end-to-end test. We also include a user manual in case you want to check the full documentation for more details.

No, just your email address. You can do it here.

Subscriptions and Payment options

There are 4 subscription plans based on annual vs monthly payments and standard or premium plans. The minimum subscription length is one month, but discounts are provided for users who choose annual plans. Check out our pricing page for more info.

You can modify your subscription at any time by logging into your account and changing its settings. Select “Membership” on the account settings menu and click the “Change plan” button in the Current plan section.

Invoices will be automatically generated and uploaded under the “Billing information” section where you will be able to download them. In that same section you can also configure the billing information you would like to be included in your invoice.

We are connected to a payment platform called Stripe that supports a wide variety of card payments and SEPA Direct Debit. However, we can adapt to the payment method of preference, just let us know!

About fNIRS Technology

Please checkout our Technology page where an intro of the fNIRS technology is explained. We also have made a series of blog posts where we describe the fNIRS technology in-depth.

Essentially, any brain condition that some sort of cognitive process that takes place in the prefrontal cortex (namely Broadman area 10) is susceptible to being analysed with our tool. So far, our main focus relays on 2 brain conditions: Mild Cognitive Impairment (a pre-symptom of dementia) and Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), but we are continoulsy increasing our use cases, let us know if you are interested in a particular one and we will look into it.

Newmanbrain has completely reimagined fNIRS technology creating a first-in-class system that solves all previous barriers about using this technology. You should use it if you want to position yourself.

About AI Analysis

– No need to spend resources/time engineering complex algorithms on your own, we have already done it!
– Unlimited computing resources without the need to purchase or maintain machines.
– You can focus on understanding, monitoring and evaluating the insights locked in your patients data to deliver the best possible care.

A machine learning model learns from the data that it’s trained with (training set) and then is able to make predicciones on new data based on similarities with the training set.

THEIA™ reduces the barriers to conduct an fNIRS test with the most cutting edge fNIRS technology and then performs advanced analytics using proven and well-researched Machine Learning algorithms.

You first need to pick a reason for consultation (predictive use case). In other words, what are you trying to predict? As of now we have focused on 2 main use cases: MCI and ADHD, and the list grows everyday!

Once you decide on that, you can perform the fNIRS test following a very guided and simple process. Whenever the test is over, the collected data will be anonymized and sent to our data analytics pipeline, which will create a clinical report containing the model’s probability for a given condition and some explanations of the result provided. THEIA™ is the perfect tool to aid you in your clinical decision making process.

Yes. We are aware of the importance of being able to explain the clinical results the model is obtaining and this has been our main focus since the very beginning. Together with the model’s result prediction, comes an explanation with the most important variables that were taken into account in order to make that prediction.

Security and Privacy

Before being uploaded to our cloud data platform, personal data is completely anonymized. Moreover our services are backed by Amazon Web Services and take advantage of the excellent security, fault tolerance, and availability that this platform offers. For more details, please see here the Newmanbrain’s privacy policy.


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