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Redefining fNIRS technology.

One of the main reasons this technology has emerged over the recent years is due to the fact that NIRS is a non-invasive imaging procedure.

Although its use and adoption has been increasing in the past years, its applications have been mostly in research rather than clinical settings.

One of main stoppers have been the lack of portability/difficulty of use and the inability to obtain a clean brain signal.

Newmanbrain was born with the mission of solving these challenges creating, after almost 10 years of research & optimization, an easy-to-use & easy-to-wear, portable and multidistance channel fNIRS system that can be used in any clinical/ambulatory settings.

THEIA™ has the potential of changing mental healthcare for good, improving millions of lives.

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Science Behind

A robust technology to evaluate your patient’s cognitive status.

THEIA™’s advanced technology allows experts to better diagnose and monitor brain conditions enabling them to obtain unbiased cognitive assessment of their patients brain performance.

This capability together with others (easy to use, price, etc) clearly position THEIA™ to become an effective standard of care in the clinic.

After years of research and development we have published and patented a method to obtain a clean brain signal, solving the biggest challenge in the fNIRS field. This achievement has enabled us to progress into the research of biomarkers for different brain conditions such as Mild Cognitive Impairment (a pre-symptom of dementia caused by Alzheimer’s Disease) and Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

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AI Analytics

Robust and understandable AI analytics.

Our main mission is to provide brain experts with a reliable, robust and interpretable tool helping them make informed decisions.

Our software processes the information collected during a cognitive test and represents it in real-time graphs. At the end of the test, data is anonymized and

sent to our cloud-based data platform where it gets analyzed in our AI-powered pipeline to finally produce a clinical report that will get sent to the expert.

THEIA™ is an evolving tool with the ability to adapt to new indications, empowering psychologists and neurologists worldwide, to better understand brain conditions.

A cutting-edge software

Our brain-performance reports aim to help clinitians make data-based decissions about the monitoring and diagnosis of their patients, heading towards a more targeted and personalized care.

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