Passion brings our team together. Our multidisciplinary team has deep expertise in the fields of mental health, fNIRs and data analysis making possible to achieve a great solution with the potential to change patients lives. Newmanbrain is headquartered in Alicante, Spain (where it remains closely related to the UMH), and part of the team is also based in Madrid.

Pablo Belmonte (Newmanbrain CEO)

Pablo Belmonte

Co-founder & CEO

Businessman and entrepreneur. Graduated in commercial aviation from the University of Salamanca and the Civil aviation authority. 

MBA and master’s degree in business management and marketing in the European school of business.

He has trained in finance, strategy Analysis and Marketing.

Dr. Joaquín Ibáñez (Newmanbrain Co-founder & CSO)

Dr. Joaquín Ibáñez

Co-founder & CSO

Doctor of Medicine from the University of Alicante and Professor and department director of Physiology at the Faculty of Medicine at the University Miguel Hernandez. 

He has several technology patents in Spain and previous successful experiences licensing hardware & software solutions to large corporations. He has worked for years optimizing our fNIRS system THEIA™.

Dr. Carlos Belmonte (Newmanbrain Co-founder & Scientific Advisor)

Dr. Carlos Belmonte

Co-founder & Scientific Advisor

Doctor of Medicine with honors from the University Complutense of Madrid. Founder and director of the Neurosciences Institute of Alicante for +20 years. Former President of the IBRO.

Awards: National Research Prize Rey Jaime I, National Prize Severo Ochoa, and National Prize Gregorio Marañón, Nature award for mentoring in Science, Endre Balazs Prize of the International Society for eye research, the European Prize for vision, the Special honoree ARVO foundation.

Dr. Belmonte is an internationally recognized expert in neurosciences and is one of the most influential scientists in the world. Previous successful experiences in biomed spinoffs.

Pedro Tortosa (Newmanbrain Engineer, Partner & Advisor)

Pedro Tortosa

Engineer, Partner & Advisor

Investor, entrepreneur and technology expert with experience creating and leading technology startups from scratch and growing them until effective traction in the market.

Luis Valls ( Newmanbrain CFO)

Luis Valls

CFO Advisor

Degree in economics and management and business administration. He has a Master’s degree in auditing and financial risk and has completed various corporate finance programs at the London School of Economics. Part of his professional career has been developed in corporate banking, standing out as an expert in risks and M&A.

José Luis Bañuls ( Newmanbrain Program Manager)

José Luis Bañuls

Program Manager

Businessman with great skills coordinating teams & operations. He has more than 15 years of experience in banking and real state corporate management. Architect Graduate by the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV).

Irene Tortosa (Newmanbrain Project Manager)

Irene Tortosa

Project Manager

Graduated in Biotechnology by San Pablo CEU University (Madrid) and MSc in Neuroscience at King’s College London where she specialized in Developmental Neurobiology. She has more than 3 years of experience working as a machine learning analyst in projects from various different sectors (from Pharma to Civil Engineer).

Chus Escudero (Newmanbrain Sales & Marketing Director)

Chus Escudero

Sales & Marketing Advisor

Biologist, working as a product specialist in the medical industry. Knowledge of design and development of product launch plans. Organize courses for technical presentations and product application together with good experience in implementing the EU marketing strategy.

Sergio Molina (Newmanbrain Scientific Manager)

Dr. Sergio Molina

Scientific Advisor

PhD in Neuroscience, Graduated in Psychology and Postgraduate in General Health Psychology and Neuroscience in Miguel Hernández University (UMH). Awarded in the national end-of-career award.

Pedro Perea (Newmanbrain Sales Manager)

Pedro Perea

Sales & Quality Control Manager

More than a decade as Hospital Delegate at Pfizer Biopharma. ARAS-KAM Master of Talent EPHOS “Access / Relations with health administrations and management of large accounts”. IE Business School Executive Master / Key Talents Pfizer. Currently studying Psychology degree.

Francisco Llorca (Newmanbrain US Strategic Advisor)

Francisco Llorca

US Strategic Advisor

BBA in Finance and Economics, MBA in Finance & international business. He has been working in General Electric as an International executive director and has experience in business development, global growth, operations and industrial solutions in industries across Latin America, US and Europe.

Alejandro Méndez (Newmanbrain Electronics Advisor)

Alejandro Méndez

Electronics Advisor

Technical Engineer in Telecommunications and Electronic Systems at UMH and Master in Automation Engineering and Robotics at the University of Alicante. He has received an award from the College of Engineers for the best end-of-career project of his promotion course and has experience working in different fields of Electronics.

Joaquín Gómez-Moya (Newmanbrain Financial Advisor)

Joaquín Gómez-Moya

Financial Advisor

MBA, experienced manager in the biosanitary field specialized in mergers, acquisitions, incorporation and launching of spinoffs. He has closed international development and global marketing agreements on four continents and is considered an expert in innovation. He has been coordinating committees of experts mainly in biotechnology and biomedical technologies for two decades.

Mar Vargas Richart (Newmanbrain Business Development Executive)

Mar Vargas Richart

Business Development Advisor

Seasoned Business Development and Account Management Executive, with more than 15 years of experience in international organizations. In her last role at Moody´s Investors Service in London, she negotiated and led all aspects of customer relationships with corporates, financial institutions, and regional/local governments in various countries in EMEA. Holds a Master´s degree in Law and a Master in International Business (University of Alicante/South Bank University London).

Miguel Ibáñez (Newmanbrain IT Manager)

Miguel Ibáñez

IT Manager

Computer technician and installer, he has worked in various companies such SIEMENS-NIXDORF, SabadellCAM, HSMART, Animatic Informatica and Laboratory Information Systems L.I.S. He also has previous experience in quality control which makes him a great addition to our team.


Pablo Arenas

IT & R&D Assistant

Biomedical Engineer (University of Alicante) with knowledge in advanced programming, Healthcare Project Management, Machine Learning-Deep Learning and neuroscience. He has contributed to projects such as the improvement of the online presence of the Spanish Cancer Association (Cienciathon 2023) and the study of the application of sunscreens using AI to identify facial regions with insufficient protection.

Sofía Cetrulo (Newmanbrain Marketing Specialist Intern)

Sofía Cetrulo

Marketing Specialist Advisor

Business Management and Marketing undergraduate (Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera), with experience managing diverse teams, strategic marketing and social media marketing. She coordinated and managed an international consulting project for technological startups in Uruguay, and was awarded the Ángel Herrera Prize, in recognition of her academic excellence.


Alejandro Merino

IT & R&D Assistant

Graduate in biomedical engineering (University of Alicante) with knowledge in the field of data analysis, Machine Learning-Deep Learning “artificial intelligence” and neurosciences. Alicante science park award for the most innovative Science -Technology base project 2023.

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