NeurotechEU Technological and Societal Innovation Summit

Between October 2 and 5, 2023 in Turkey, individuals involved in NeurotechEU are gathering to discuss innovations in Technology and Society and to create a roadmap on NeurotechEU’s eight dimensions of neurotechnology

More than 80 delegates took part in the Technological and Societal Innovation Summit hosted by NeurotechEU, the European University of Brain and Technology. Held in Bodrum (Turkey) to mark the end of Phase I of NeurotechEU, the summit was organized and its various sessions chaired by Professor Can Yücesoy and his team from Bogazici University. In addition to establishing new forms of cooperation in university training and research, the university alliance NeurotechEU seeks to improve technology transfer.

During the presentations, the results of the collaborations between NeurotechEU partner universities, various industrial institutions and companies were also presented, emphasizing how important it is to bridge the gap between science and industry in the field of neurotechnology, and discussing how to overcome the obstacles inherent in the transfer of scientific knowledge from universities. The speakers highlighted the areas where the results of research in the field of wearable devices and (rehabilitation) robotics can change the lives of people living with neurological diseases.

NeurotechEU is more than neuroscience or neurotechnology, the association approaches the interdisciplinarity of the field in such a way that it has defined eight disciplinary dimensions. NeurotechEU intends to operate along these eight dimensions. The round table discussions were based on bibliometric data related to these dimensions. The moderator and the participants shared their thoughts in this regard, and discussed possible synergies and development areas of cooperation. The importance of joint, accredited programs and the NeurotechEU Diploma, the issue of teacher and student mobility, and the need to provide students with multidisciplinary skills were also discussed.

Pablo Belmonte, CEO of Newmanbrain, described the event as :

“Magnificent and productive experience at the NeurotechEU Technological and Societal Innovation Summit 2023 (Bodrum, Turkey) and my especial thanks to Juana Gallar, the UMH and her foundation for choosing us to represent innovation in the field of neurosciences. Many thanks also to Can Yücesoy for being a great host and making the group dynamics so interesting”.

Pablo Belmonte, CEO de Newmanbrain,, junto a la Dra. Juana Gallar del Instituto de Neurociencias de la UMH de Elche (Alicante).
Pablo Belmonte, CEO of Newmanbrain, together with Dr. Juana Gallar from the Institute of Neurosciences of the UMH university of Elche (Alicante, SPAIN).

The event pointed out that in the future these technologies may affect a wide range of society, therefore cooperation, ethical considerations and education will be key factors in order to successfully adopt them.
Not only the representatives of the partner universities, but also the delegates of the University of Debrecen prepared exciting presentations.

collective image of the event's participants
Collective image of the event’s participants

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