Newmanbrain among the 100 startups in healthcare

Last week, Newmanbrain participated in the 100 Startups Health event at La Nave in Madrid. More than 250 companies worldwide submitted their applications to take part in the event, and Newmanbrain was among the 100 selected ones.

Our CEO, Pablo Belmonte, and our Project Manager, Irene Tortosa, attended the event on behalf of Newmanbrain. They had the opportunity to introduce our most recent product, THEIA™, to key players in the healthcare sector.

What is 100 Startups Health?

100 Startups Health event – 2023

100 Startups Health is an event focused on connecting startups and scale-ups with big corporations and interested investors in order to do business together. It is a networking opportunity focused on purchasing and investing in technology. Companies from all around the world submitted their applications to participate and only the most innovative and promising ones are selected. Technologies such as AI, blockchain, 3D printing, and Big Data are at the core of the selected companies. Newmanbrain was chosen to be part of this event thanks to the innovative and groundbreaking device, THEIA™.

What is THEIA™?

THEIA™ is an fNIRs device that provides an unbiased cognitive assessment to help diagnose cognitive disorders such as mild cognitive impairment (MCI) in older citizens and ADHD in children. This device is capable of detecting subtle changes in patients, which enables physicians to provide an early diagnosis. The other benefit is that patients can also be monitored over time.

This innovative product is non-invasive, which is the main difference from current solutions. An AI-powered software analyzes the data collected by the device in order to generate a report. This report, which is delivered in real-time, helps physicians better diagnose patients.

Newmanbrain at 100 Startups Health:

Newmanbrain's CEO and Project Manager in 100 startups Health
Newmanbrain’s Irene Tortosa Project Manager and Pablo Belmonte CEO in 100 startups Health

Participating in the 100 Startups Health event was a great opportunity for us to showcase our innovative product. We were thrilled to be selected as one of the 100 most promising startups and to have the chance to connect with other companies, investors, and healthcare professionals in the industry.

During the event, we had the opportunity to share our vision for the future, and network with other companies. We also received valuable feedback from industry experts, which will help us improve our product and expand our reach.

Overall, our experience at 100 Startups Health was a huge success. We appreciate the opportunity to participate in this prestigious event and share our vision for the future of biotech with a wider audience.