Newmanbrain and Coralel companies join the Scientific Park UMH

The rector of the Miguel Hernández University (UMH) of Elche, Jesús Pastor Ciurana, and the promoters of the spin offs Newmanbrain and Coralel have signed the constitution of their companies this morning. With this signature, the UMH has a 5% stake in both companies. The event was also attended by the managing director of the UMH Foundation, Tonia Salinas, the vice-rector for Research and Innovation of the University, Manuel Jordán, and the general secretary of the UMH, Mercedes Sánchez.

Newmanbrain’s spin off constitution at UMH


The Newmanbrain company is a company focused on the creation, marketing, management, consulting and engineering of hardware and software, as well as projects applied to neurosciences, the health industry and any field that requires biomedical technology. The company is promoted by the emeritus professor of the UMH and former director of the Institute of Neurosciences, a joint center of the University and the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), Dr. Carlos Belmonte, by the worker of the Institute of Neurosciences Alejandro Méndez, by the director from the Department of Physiology of the UMH, Dr. Joaquín Ibáñez, and by Pablo Belmonte.


For its part, Coralel is a spin off promoted by professors from the Department of Communications Engineering Germán Torregrosa and Roberto Gutiérrez, as well as by professor Ernesto Ávila from the Department of Materials Science, Optics and Electronic Technology. The company focuses on the research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of electronic, wireless, and communications systems, as well as high-frequency, acquisition, and signal processing systems. Also, software applications and programs for use in fields such as medicine, industry, teaching, research or health care for people.

With the signing of these new constitutions, both spin offs become part of the business network of the UMH Science Park, which currently has about 80 related companies that develop innovative products and services for various business sectors.

Source: UMH Comunicación