Newmanbrain awarded at the I European Artificial Intelligence Forum for its technology for biomedical use.

Newmanbrain, spin-off from the UMH Scientific Park, has recently been awarded at the I European Artificial Intelligence Forum, held in Alicante.

Pablo Belmonte (Co-founder & CEO) elevator pitch during the I European Artificial Intelligence Forum. / DAVID REVENGA”

Newmanbrain received a special prize from the Artificial Intelligence Institute, endowed with a voucher of 4,000 euros. The company specializes in the development of software and hardware for biomedical use. Also present at this event were the director of the Business Development Area, Sergio Román; and the director of the Entrepreneurship Area, Javier Sancho, from the UMH Science Park.

“Awardees at the I European Artificial Intelligence Forum. / DAVID REVENGA”

The PCUMH company was one of the five finalists in the competition organized within the framework of this Forum, whose objective is to recognize and reward innovative talent in areas related to well-being, health and the inclusion of people. Thus, during the event, held last Friday at the EUIPO in Alicante, the company held an elevator pitch before a jury of experts in entrepreneurship, well-being and Artificial Intelligence.

Specifically, the spin-off of the UMH Science Park has developed an innovative system for the analysis of brain activity: this technology is portable and is based on functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRs) to measure and record brain functions. This system is an aid to relate the response to certain stimuli (affective, cognitive, etc.) with the changes in cerebral blood flow that occurs during mental activity.

”Newmanbrain’s team from left to right: Dr. Carlos Belmonte (Co-founder & Scientific Advisor), Irene Tortosa (Project Manager), Pablo Belmonte (Co-founder & CEO). / DAVID REVENGA”

The European Artificial Intelligence Forum is part of the Ellis Doctoral Symposium, a world-class congress that is being held in Spain for the first time. The event has had round tables and presentations in which personalities such as Lama Nachman, who led the Intel team that developed Stephen Hawking’s intelligent interface; Olga Blanco, vice president of IBM and expert in Artificial Intelligence; Aurelia Bustos, oncologist and expert in the application of AI in cancer treatment; or Nuria Oliver, expert in Artificial Intelligence.

Pablo Belmonte (Newmanbrain Co-founder & CEO) during the I European Artificial Intelligence Forum”