Newmanbrain awarded in the IV edition of the rePCV

Newmanbrain was awarded in the IV edition of the rePCV (Valencian Community Scientific Parks network) in the “Best spin-off” category from a pool of 30 other competing companies. It’s been a pleasure to have been able to share our journey with the rePCV and we hope to continue doing so.

Esteban Pelayo giving the award to Pablo Belmonte (Newmanbrain CEO)

Newmanbrain has been recognized with a second prize. The ultimate goal of this bioengineering company has been to develop and commercialize a medical device capable of measuring, using functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRs), changes in blood flow in certain tissues of the human body.

To this end, Newmanbrain have designed, built and patented the THEIA™ system, a portable, easy-to-handle, self-operating health instrument that allows real-time measurement of activity in neurons. It can be used in patients with possible neurological and mental disorders, such as cognitive decline of aging (Alzheimer’s), mood disorders, or hyperactivity and inattention in children.

This diagnostic technology seeks to revolutionize the prognosis and treatment of many of today’s neurological and mental disorders.

The whole ceremony was recorded and can be viewed in the following link.