Newmanbrain invited to the III forum Alicante conexión salud

Newmanbrain has been invited to participate in the III Forum Alicante Conexión Salud, a prestigious event that brings together leading experts and innovators in the healthcare industry.

What is Alicante Conexión Salud?

“Alicante Conexión Salud” is an annual meeting that seeks to provide a space to explore synergies, create alliances and promote the generation of new opportunities for collaboration between professionals in the field of health and the biotechnology sector, both in business and research. All this in order to provide innovative answers to problems and unmet needs in the health sector. In addition, we seek to involve citizens who are the final beneficiaries as potential patients of the system.

What is its objective?

To establish a health cluster in which all those key agents in the province of Alicante who want to take part and who can generate added value for other entities involved will participate.

This is an initiative promoted by the Health Department of the General University Hospital of Elche and the Fisabio Foundation and is financed by the Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI) and European Funds through the project with file number INNACC/2022/19.

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