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Theia fNIRS portable device

Newmanbrain introduces THEIA™ – An optimized neuroimaging system that uses functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) to perform unbiased recordings of brain activity.

The ultimate cognitive assessment is here.

Cutting edge fNIRs technology that provides real-time cognitive assessments.

Algorithms based on AI and biology computing to reduce the complexity of data interpretation.

Intuitive software combined with a portable hardware to make a fNIRs device available for mass screening.

Instant reports with patient’s cognitive evaluation that helps diagnose and monitor patients during a time period.

Anonymized data to ensure its protection and security according to EU regulation on medical data protection.

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Theia fNIRS portable device



fNIRs Portable Device Financiado por IVACE
fNIRs Portable Device Financiado por IVACE
ICAR International center for aging research