Chemostart VII Edition

Chemostart VII Edición

ChemoStart is a global program of Insud Pharma that helps boost startups and companies with innovative projects in health and healthcare.

Early detection of MCI and fNIRs technology

MCI detection with fNIRs device

MCI or Mild Cognitive Impairment, is a condition in which patients experiment a cognitive decline that is greater than what is expected for their age and education level. Having MCI does not necessary lead to dementia. However, individuals that present MCI, are more likely to develop a dementia than those who do not present this […]

Newmanbrain among the 100 startups in healthcare

Newmanbrain's CEO and Project Manager in 100 startups Health

Last week, Newmanbrain participated in the 100 Startups Health event at La Nave in Madrid. More than 250 companies worldwide submitted their applications to take part in the event, and Newmanbrain was among the 100 selected ones. Our CEO, Pablo Belmonte, and our Project Manager, Irene Tortosa, attended the event on behalf of Newmanbrain. They […]

Newmanbrain at the event AI Applied to Hospital Management

Pablo Belmonte, Newmanbrain's CEO, presenting THEIA

Last Friday March 3rd, Newmanbrain participated in the event “AI Applied to the Hospital Management” in which different companies shared innovative projects related to the healthcare industry. Andrés Pedreño, Torre Juana OST’s founder, where the event was holded, presented the latest innovations in the industry, focusing on the impact that Chat GPT could have in […]